IKEA Shoppers Enjoy Surprise Sleep-Over When Massive Snowstorm Shuts Down Part of Denmark

A stock image of an IKEA store in Denmark.
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DR reported that the Wednesday storm was the heaviest snowfall Denmark had seen since 2018.

Six customers and about two-dozen IKEA employees had an unexpected “sleepover,” when a massive snowstorm hit Northern Denmark and shut down part of the country, according to published reports.

On Wednesday, stranded shoppers spent the night on the numerous beds and sofas that were located in the showroom of the Swedish furniture store, located near the city of Aalborg.

Approximately twelve inches of snow fell onto the streets of Northern Denmark, halting traffic on the roads and railways and grounding flights. Temporary power outages were also reported. 

IKEA store manager Peter Elmose told the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet that he told the guests to “pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try.’’

And, they did.

One man who was tucked under the covers told public broadcaster DR  “I took the one that looked the best and I have no idea what bed it is,” he said happily,  The Washington Post reported.

Others made the best of the situation. Some enjoyed the treats that were located in the fully stocked pantry, which included stuffed pork, hot cocoa, and a Danish rice pudding, typically served during Christmastime, the Post reported. 

As others relaxed watching soccer and drinking beer. 

The Wednesday storm was the heaviest snowfall Denmark had seen since 2018, DR reported. 

Elmose said he walked around the store singing goodnight songs, and in the morning, served up some hot cinnamon rolls and coffee.

"It's been a good night,” Elmose said.  “All fun.''

Erik Bangsgaard, 75, one of the customers who was snowed in with his wife, Hanna, told Ekstra that he was rather "impressed" with the service the staff provided, calling the experience "fantastic considering the circumstances,” he said.

Michelle Barrett, who works at the nearby toy shop and also spent the night, commented on how "everyone was just so sweet," the news outlet said.

"We actually just laughed at the situation because we probably will not experience it again,” she said.

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