These Common Household Items Will Help You Get Through a Snowstorm

Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Rice, potatoes and hand sanitizer are useful items to have on hand during a snowstorm. Here's why.

Potatoes, rice, hand sanitizer — all common household items most people have on hand. Turns out, they can now come in handy in dealing with the epic snowstorm hitting the northeast.

The coronavirus pandemic means most of us have hand sanitizer around. But it can also get you out of a jam if your car door freezes. Pump a little bit into the lock and on the key and it should do the trick.

Certain food staples, including potatoes and onions, can also be useful. Due to the natural sugars in both vegetables, cutting one in half and rubbing it on the car window will help keep ice from adhering to it, similar to no-stick spray. 

And one thing you don't want to happen is have your cell phone run out of battery power due to the cold weather. A trick is to keep your phone close to your body when out in the cold. Your body heat will keep the phone warm. If you can, turn it off to reserve power, but try not to turn it back on until you’re inside. Trying to restart it in the cold could drain all its power.

Inside Edition also spoke to lifestyle expert Erika Katz about a few of her go-to tips.

If you don’t have enough rock salt for icy steps, Katz says you can make your own with alcohol, dish detergent and hot water.

A cotton sock filled with rice can be warmed up in the microwave to be used as a homemade hand warmer.

“You can put it in your boots, in your jacket, around your neck as a neck warmer. And this is going to keep you nice and toasty,” Katz said.