Illinois Mom Arrested After Driving With Kiddie Pool Full of Kids On Roof: Cops

Illinois mom arrested for driving with kiddies in pool on top of car.
An Illinois mom faces several charges after driving with her kids on the roof. Dixon, Illinois, Police

The kids were in the pool to keep it from flying off car roof, police said

Perhaps she took the term "carpool" too literally.

An Illinois mother was arrested Tuesday after police pulled her over for driving with a kiddie pool on her roof that contained two kids, authorities said.

Jennifer Janus Yeager, 49, had driven to a friend's house to inflate the pool and then had her two daughters sit inside it on the ride home so it wouldn't blow away, according to the Dixon Police Department.

She was stopped after a concerned citizen contacted police, authorities said. 

Yeager was arrested and charged with two counts of child endangerment and failure to secure passengers between the ages of 8 and 16.

She has been released on bail.

Police posted a press release about her arrest on the department's Facebook page, and received thousands of responses. Many criticized the mother's judgment. "I am trying to fathom how any mother could even remotely think this was a safe idea. Wow!" wrote one woman.

Others didn't think it was such a big deal. "15 years ago or so this would not have been a problem AT ALL," posted another man. "It's not like she had them splashing around on top," wrote a woman named Jenny. "I could totally see my mom asking my brother and I to do something like this ... Seat belts weren't even a thing back in the day."