Suspects Caught on Camera Making Off With Kiddie Pool in Nebraska

"Who steals a kid's swimming pool?" Brandon Turner told

Brandon Turner watched his home security footage in horror as two suspects dumped the water out of the kiddie pool in his Nebraska backyard before carrying it off Sunday.

"I only really had one word going through my mind the whole time and that was, 'Really?'" he told "Who steals a kid's swimming pool?"

Turner was at the zoo when he got a notification about movement detected outside his home. 

When he looked, he saw someone attempting to lift the pool. It proved to be too heavy, so the suspect called for backup. The footage shows a second person glance around anxiously before joining the first. Together, they empty the pool and drag it away. 

"I was very, very shocked to see someone steal a kid's pool," he said. "I was more expecting our barbecue to be stolen before that, to be honest."

But the story turned out to have a happy ending for Turner, 32, of Omaha. The suspects came by and apologized this week. It turned out their pool had been taken from them and they mistook Turner's for their own.

"Somebody stole their pool and somebody told them that the people who walked off with it went over the direction that I lived in," Turner said. The suspects said they decided to just take it back.

Turner doesn't know whether their story is true, but said he's decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and elected not to press charges. 

"If they were to come over and say, 'Hey, you know we just want to be friends,' I would be totally fine with that," Turner said. "I really believe people make mistakes and can learn from them."