2-Year-Old Gets Through Pool Safety Gate With Ease to Highlight Importance of Child Supervision

The Wyman family posted the video to Facebook to show the importance of keeping a close eye on your children around the pool.

Summer is here and unexpected accidents involving pools can happen in a flash, but are children at risk even with proper safeguards in place?  

A video recently posted to Facebook shows a 2-year-old boy named Cody scaling a locked safety ladder that his folks had installed to keep him from getting into the family pool.

The footage, recorded by his father, shows Cody climbing to the top of the ladder with ease before his mom jumps in to keep him from falling into the pool.

Keith Wyman, Cody's dad, was awestruck at what he saw. 

"If a toddler — a 2-year-old, 3-year-old — wants to get something, they will get it," he told Inside Edition. "I was shocked to see how fast he could get up there... not only to climb a ladder, but to climb a safety ladder that was locked." 

Cody's not the only kid beating swimming pool safety measures. In another clip posted online, a youngster shows his dad how he can scale the fence surrounding the pool. 

In yet another video, a 2-year-old climbs a pool's gate and before unhooking the latch on top, allowing the gates to swing open. 

His safety-minded mom posted the video on Facebook to show parents "just how quick and clever a 2-year-old can be." 

Swim-safety expert Jim Spiers tells Inside Edition no matter what kind of protective measures you have, keeping an eye on youngsters by the pool is crucial.

"There's no better way to protect your child than supervision," he said.