'Inchworm Bandits' Sought in Burglary After Being Seen Crawling Across Houston Restaurant

Three suspects are seen crawling across the restaurant floor.

A restaurant in Houston has been burglarized for a third time, but these bandits handled the robbery a little differently.

Three suspects are being sought by police after they were caught on camera wriggling across the dining room to the kitchen of Piggy’s Kitchen & Bar early on Sunday in an apparent attempt to avoid being seen on surveillance video.

Manager Christopher Grinnell told InsideEdition.com the staff of Piggy’s has nicknamed the robbers the "inchworm bandits."

"I was genuinely confused when watching them crawl across the floor," Grinnell said.

In the surveillance video, the three suspects are lined up one behind the other as they crawl with an inchworm technique from the dining room to behind the bar. Other footage shows them standing up outside the restaurant in a patio area, peeping in through the door.

The bandits reportedly smashed the front window, kicked open a steel door and stole $450 in tip money that was going to go to the servers who worked on Friday and Saturday. In total, there is about $2,000 worth of damages.

“That's unfortunate, with the holiday season coming right around the corner,” Grinnell told Click 2 Houston in a separate interview.

Luckily, Grinnell told InsideEdition.com that they the restaurant has been receiving donations from as far as California, saying,"The generosity has caught us all off guard."

Police are investigating the robbery and are trying to determine whether or not the inchworm bandits are the same suspects that were also caught on camera last week in a similar crime at Mr. Gatti's Pizza in Houston.

"We hope they get caught," Grinnell said. 

The last time Piggy's got robbed, managers said the suspects used a sledgehammer and crowbar to steal five bottles of Patron tequila.