Incoming! Bird Lands on Anchor’s Head During Live News Broadcast

The Ibis made an early appearance during a tease for Zoo Day.

"How’s that for an introduction?" Eric Kahnert asked as his co-anchor, Nichelle Medina, as a guest came in for a landing on her head.

Medina was teasing a "Zoo Day" segment on CBS News 8 in San Diego Monday morning when a scarlet ibis made an early appearance, perching right on top of her head.

“Good for weeding your garden of bugs…” Medina said right before the Ibis came flying into the shot. As the pink bird approached her, she added an impromptu line, "Or flying onto my head."

The 10 year-old scarlet ibis, named Sophie, is one of the Ibis ambassadors from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

“She was very excited to meet you guys, she just couldn’t wait,” Dara Flannery, a zoo worker said during the segment.

The scarlet ibis, like flamingos, gets its vivid coloring from the crustaceans they eat. They are native to the Caribbean and South America.

Kahnert joked that Sophie "couldn’t wait for the tease — she was the tease," as the Zoo Day segment began.

Medina said it was a nice scalp massage, adding that as a working mom, "I needed that."