Dog Avoids Questioning, Raises Suspicions After Birdseed Is Found Trailing Through Home

The dog's owner believes she did it as a way to 'taunt' her family.

When high school student Janna came home recently, she found her Indiana house in tatters. 

Not only was the teen shocked at the scene, but the culprit was still in the house.

But the perpetrator, Molly the Bernese mountain dog, acted as if nothing had happened.

Janna said the minute she saw birdseed trailing throughout the house and down to the basement, she knew who the malefactor was. 

“I knew it was our dog because she’s gotten into trouble before with other items in the house,” she said in an interview for's latest "Paw & Order" investigation. “She’s usually nice. But the smile, there’s mischief behind it all the time.”

Janna believes Molly jumped on the kitchen counter, pulled down the birdseed and dragged it through the home to “taunt” the family. 

As Janna confronted Molly, the aloof dog simply walked away. 

“I was so upset, I took a handful of birdseed and put it in her stocking, because she doesn’t deserve anything for Christmas,” Janna said. “I was already exhausted from school... and I had to spend two hours cleaning it up, so I was just angry and frustrated.”

Molly did not offer to help clean up. Janna is hopeful she can forgive her dog.

“It’s going to take some time, really. It’s going to take a good couple months just to get through this,” she said.