Zoo's Giant Panda Loves Practicing Gymnastics — Even After Consistently Falling

She hangs from and balances on tree branches.

A balancing act went awry for a China zoo’s giant panda, but you can't keep this bear down.

Pupu didn't let any falls bother her as she continued to playfully roll around despite falling from a tree branch in her enclosure at China's Shenyang Forest Zoo.

Pupu's agility and love for tumbling is often on display for visitors at the zoo, where she lives with three other equally cute, but less gymnastically-inclined pandas.

“Giant pandas are actually very agile," said Wang Yi, a panda breeder at the zoo. "They are capable of climbing to the top of big trees in just seconds. They are also very flexible, even more flexible than some yoga masters."

Zoo officials said Pupu never tires of her routines. She hangs upside down from tree branches and balances on top of them on a regular basis, making her one of the zoo’s most energetic pandas.

Pupu is one of four giant pandas that moved into the zoo in September.

The zoo established a dedicated living space for them, which covers an area of 11,000 square meters and is equipped with air-conditioning and a central heating system to maintain a constant temperature.