Zoo Panda Is Anything but Lonely as He Happily Entertains Himself

He is a solitary animal.

This giant panda is quite happy, even if he's all by himself. 

Fafa, a male panda at the Liaoning Shenyang Forest Zoo in northeast China, is seen on video as he handles his own amusement in his enclosure.

Whether it’s climbing trees or rolling around with a ball, the adorable animal has commanded the attention of all the zookeepers.

Fafa is a species of solitary animal so he often likes to do his entertain himself in private. He can even be a little mischievous, zookeepers said.

"He's quite a self-entertainer," said Wang Yi, a panda breeder at the zoo. "While others are quietly enjoying their bamboo treats under the monitor camera, he would hug his bamboos and roll around and around and then around. He even bares his embarrassment once being seen self-entertaining.”