Panda Cub Shows Off Her Climbing Skills During Public Debut

Xiang Xiang was born six months ago as a result of the Ueno Zoo's breeding program.

Even though Xiang Xiang was only born only a few months ago, she’s proving herself to be quite the show-off.

The 6-month-old giant panda cub made its first public appearance at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, Monday by demonstrating her superior climbing skills on several trees inside her enclosure.

More than 100 special guests, including Tokyo’s governor Yuriko Koike and the wife of China’s ambassador to Japan Wang Wan, watched as the panda cub climbed and slid down tree trunks.

The public will be allowed to visit with Xiang Xiang via tickets distributed through a lottery system.

Xiang Xiang, meaning “fragrance” or “popular,” was born to mom Shin Shin as a result of the zoo’s breeding program.