Incredible 4-Year-Old Girl Can Recite the Entire Periodic Table of Elements

Zia Purohit, of Greenville, N.C., loves science and she's managed to learn all of the elements in a week.

A little girl in North Carolina has the incredible ability to do something most college students would struggle with: Recite the entire periodic table of elements.

You read that right. Four-year-old Zia Purohit of Greenville loves science and managed to learn all 118 elements in just a week.

Zia's mom, Sheela Purohit, says her daughter was inspired after a recent trip to a special museum.

"We went to the Space Center in December, to the Alabama Space Center, and she loves everything about outer space and rocket ships and everything," Purohit told

Zia even has some personal favorites among the elements. Her mom says she loves aluminum and titanium, because that’s what they use on rocket ships and because they are lightweight and strong, just like her.

The other element she likes is Californium because she loves California.

Purohit said she and her daughter borrowed a book from the library and made flashcards to help her learn the elements, which took "less than a week."

“She loves science and loves doing experiments. She even had an outer space-themed birthday party for her fourth birthday," Purohit said.

Zia's love of the cosmos is nothing new. Astonishingly, her mom said it predates even her first birthday.

"She always liked books and watched shows involving science or science experiments mainly related to outer space," Purohit said. "So we just encouraged her interest. She could identify all the planets and dwarf planets when she was less than one year old."