Infamous Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell at In-N-Out Burger Show Signs of Being Photoshopped, Expert Says

Questions are being raised about whether the images are legit.

Images appearing to show Ghislaine Maxwell at an In-N-Out Burger are now being called into question.

Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend, was allegedly spotted at a Los Angeles location of the burger joint last week. The photographer, who was not identified, told The New York Post that when spotted, Maxwell said, “Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!”

But could the images be fake?

In the background of one, a poster for the movie "Good Boys" can be seen. But there has never been an ad for that movie at that bus stop. 

Other possible clues the images may be Photoshopped? The photographer told the Post Maxwell was dining alone, but one image shows multiple meals ⁠— one on the table and one on a bench below ⁠— and two phones. 

Inside Edition showed the images to forensic photo expert Adam Wandt of John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 

"There's a wave of line going down her back that's indicative of Photoshop manipulation," Wandt said. "There's also brush strokes visible at the bottom that would lead me to believe that somebody possibly added Miss Maxwell to this picture."