Injured Bald Eagle Rescued After It Gets Stuck in Creek

Officials said the eagle sustained a serious injury but is now safe.

Maryland authorities rushed to free a bald eagle stuck in a creek Saturday.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue and animal services saved an injured bald eagle that was stuck in Little Bennett Creek in Hyattstown.  A local man by the creek saw the eagle and alerted authorities.

When authorities came in with a net, the eagle tried to get away and paddled downstream but eventually was taken by the current before it found a place to rest. 

As the eagle tried to catch its breath, authorities made their move. It was a team effort, with one person trying to use a net and another coming in with a cloth to wrap it up. 

They were successful in getting the eagle out of the creek before the river took it away. 

Officials said the eagle sustained a serious injury, but it is now safe in the hands of rescuers. 

Bald eagles were once an endangered species; however, thanks to regulations put in place by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the bird has been on the rebound since 2007.