Inmate Indicted in 40-Year-Old Cold Case Killing of Cynthia Miller, Bride Slain on Her Wedding Day

Cold Case Solved: Earl James Robbins indicted for murder of bride-to-be Cynthia Miller
Beckley Police Department

Man indicted in the 1981 murder of the Raleigh County school teacher, Cynthia Miller.

It may have taken 40 years, but a police department in West Virginia say they finally got their guy for the murder of Cynthia Miller, a bride-to-be who was found dead in her home with gunshot wounds on the same day she was supposed to be get married. 

The inexplicable crime took place on Aug. 27, 1981 and captivated the people of Raleigh County. The case went cold for close to four decades, but investigators from the Beckley Police Department reopened the cold case in 2017, and had West Virginia’s State Police join them on the investigation, reported WVNS-TV.

Now authorities say that Earl James Robbins was the man they were looking for. He was indicted on one count of first-degree murder for Miller's killing. 

Robbins is currently in a California prison. Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller said the next step is to fill out paperwork for the extradition process. Once brought back to Raleigh County, Robbins will face trial. It is unclear how long the process will take, the news outlet reported. 

“There is not much more excitement for a police officer then to solve a case like this,” said Beckley Police Department Detective Sgt. Morgan Bragg. “It took a lot of teamwork and a lot of effort.”

One of Miller’s students interviewed by WVNS described Miller as a “kindhearted” person and was elated that justice for her teacher appeared to have finally come. “What a blessing.”