Inside Deals: Save Up to 70% — Men's Hair Kit, 14-Piece Knife Set, Headache Relief Wrap

Don’t miss these limited-time deals at deep discounts.

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Morning Save

Inside Edition has teamed up with and their lifestyle expert Anna De Souza, who’s sharing some inside deals at deep discounts.

1. Ginsu Kiso 14-Piece Knife Set — $39.99 (50% off)

Ginsu Kiso

This set includes a knife for just about any slicing and dicing task and comes in red or black with a black chopping block. They are dishwasher-safe and ergonomically engineered to give you a comfortable and safe cutting experience. These knives are also highly-rated online says Ginsu, and the company is known for high-quality, long-lasting and continuously sharp pieces.

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2. Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers 4-Piece Hair Care Kit — $24.99 (70% off)

Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers

This deal includes two hair-styling control pastes and two moisturizing shampoos. Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers is one of New York City’s premier men’s grooming establishments says the company, specializing in high-quality, luxurious services. MorningSave got this incredible price because the brand is changing their packaging.

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3. AllSett Health Headache Relief Ice Wrap— $12.99 (57% off)


This wrap offers blackout darkness and cool compression that the company says may help soothe a headache. It targets the temples, forehead, sides, back of the neck and eyes with a comforting compression. It also includes a built-in eye ice pack The company says the inner gel material freezes in just an hour and stays cold longer than traditional ice packs, and that the wrap can be microwaved for heat therapy.

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