Inside Dean Cain's Secret to Treating His Chronic Pain

Dean Cain uses stem cells to treat his aches and pains.

Unlike his TV character, Dean Cain is mortal. 

He has aches and pains just like the rest of us, due to his football days at Princeton University.

"This is my most chronic pain," Cain told Inside Edition, gesturing to his shoulder and neck. "... I used to get stingers — pinched nerves on the right side. Your arm would go numb. It happened to me all the time."

The actor first rose to prominence on "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" with Teri Hatcher. Now 52, he's hoping to stop the hands of time with the help of Dr. Daniel Reich at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. 

Derived from a newborn's donated umbilical cord, Cain is receiving a cutting-edge treatment of mesenchymal stem cells

"These cells are multipotent and will turn into whatever cells are deficient in the body," said nurse practitioner Charmaine Arnaud. "They are scavengers and they want to help you."

The cells are stored at minus 200 degrees before being injected into the problem areas. 

In Cain's case, he received two injections to his damaged shoulder muscle. 

"After 35 years of constant chronic pain," Cain said, "it's a life changer."

Cain, who's the brand ambassador for the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, where he receives the stem cell treatment, has had the same procedure done to his knees, with positive results. 

Every time he gets it, he said, he feels much more like the Man of Steel again. 

"I already know there's a world of difference," he said.