Inside the Dominican Republic Resort Where 3 American Tourists Mysteriously Died

Guests told Inside Edition that the resort is keeping a tight lid on what happened, but the country's ministry of tourism insists the deaths are isolated.

It's business as usual at the luxury resort in the Dominican Republic where three American tourists mysteriously died.

But online, there's backlash against the Bahia Principe resort.

“Three bodies in a week ... this is just plain freaky,” reads one comment. 

“No way I’m staying at your properties,” was another comment. 

“Something rotten in the Dominican Republic,” said a third user. 

Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian is inside the resort and spoke to guests, including some who were at the resort at the time of the deaths.

They told him that they felt hotel staff was trying to keep a lid on any information regarding the passing of those American tourists. They also said that they asked the front desk for more information but were not given any, nor were they given any reassurance that the resort was safe. 

Fabian tried to ask the hotel management for some answers. One manager shook his head and said there was "nothing, sir" when asked about why three people died. The manager then asked for the camera to be turned off and he quickly walked away. 

A couple of tourists from Texas considered cancelling their trip, they said.

"We didn't know of anything until the day we were supposed to leave," a woman told Inside Edition. "So, I spent the whole day wondering, 'Should we go? Should we not go?'" 

The embattled resort is fighting back, saying the three unexplained deaths are just a coincidence.

"There is no indication of any correlation between these unfortunate incidents," a statement said.

Autopsies show that 41-year-old psychotherapist Miranda Werner, who died shortly after checking into her room, passed away from a heart attack.

The resort says a bottle of oxycodone was found in the room of Cynthia Day and her fiance, Nate Holmes. 

The local ministry of tourism insisted the deaths are “very regrettable but isolated.”