Inside Edition Gets Exclusive Footage of Buckingham Palace Arrest Causing Coronation Security Concerns

The incident involving a man who was arrested outside Buckingham Palace is now front page news, only days away from the coronation of King Charles. And Inside Edition caught it all on camera.

Security has been stepped up after a scare at Buckingham Palace, where police arrested a man when gun cartridges were discovered on the grounds. The incident is now front page news, and Inside Edition got exclusive footage of the arrest.

Inside Edition correspondent Alison Hall witnessed the arrest firsthand and appeared on "Good Morning Britain" to share new details about the arrest on Wednesday.

"It was so incredible how calm the police and security in the area were," Hall told hosts Martin Lewis and Susanna Reid. "There was suddenly dozens of them controlling the situation."

Inside Edition also spotted anti-terror police removing garbage cans along the parade route.

"What you'll also see also is the unarmed bobbies, the police officers, looking at the crowd," security expert Duncan Gardham tells Inside Edition. "And they've been trained specifically under a program called Operation Servator to spot suspicious activity."

He adds: "And they know how to deal with it."

Sanitation workers could also be seen pouring sand on the road to protect the horses that will participate in the event.

A full dress rehearsal of the grand coronation procession took place Tuesday night.

It has been 70 years since the country's last coronation, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in front of a crowd that included 4-year-old Prince Charles in 1953.

Most British people have been waiting a lifetime for this moment.

"It is a historic moment and it feels like an honor and a privilege to be involved in the coverage," Reid told Hall after their "Good Morning Britain" interview.  

Reid will be covering the coronation and everything leading up to the big day for ITV this week, and says she expects the country will be excited about the return of one royal.

"I think people here are going to be thrilled Prince Harry is back, because ultimately, it is a family," Reid said. "The two brothers are going to be in the congregation together, supporting their father."

As for Meghan Markle's absence, Reid said: "I think people generally accept that Meghan wasn't going to come."

The royal family was spotted arriving Wednesday at Westminster Abbey for rehearsals. King Charles was there, as were Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with the couple's two oldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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