Inside the Plastic Surgery Procedure to Combat 'Bra Fat'

Angela Nickel recently underwent the procedure ahead of her 25th high school reunion.

A busy mom of two teens in Ohio has underwent plastic surgery to combat a common issue among women — "bra fat." 

Angela Nickel, 43, of Columbus, is a health care executive and was having a hard time trying to find the right dress for her upcoming 25th high school reunion due to the bulge of flesh that always appeared to be sticking out near her armpit.

“Trying to shove all this in and make sure not spilling out,” she told Inside Edition of the issue. 

The busy mom squeezes in a workout three days a week, but nothing she's done has helped to remove the “bra fat." 
Her husband, Matt, didn’t see a problem, noting that he believes his wife "looks great." 

New York City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine says more and more women are getting a little nip and tuck to get rid of unwanted “bra fat.”

“A lot of men are oblivious to it, but women really notice it,” Dr. Levine said. 

The tricky thing is that exercise and dieting won't do much to keep "bra fat" away, he added.  

Nickel sought the help of Dr. Levine to get rid of the area she has been trying so hard to lose. 

He used an ultra-fine instrument to lipo out the fat while minimizing bruising.

The procedure lasted 45 minutes, and when it was over, Nickel was thrilled with the results. 

"It looks really good," she said. "I love it."

After the surgery, she was able to find the perfect dress for her reunion.