Inside the Flames That Are Burning in Southern California

Inside Edition’s Jim Moret is in the fire-ravaged city of Santa Clarita.

Inside Edition’s Jim Moret is in the fire fire-ravaged city of Santa Clarita, 40 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.

“Even though firefighters have the fire contained to this one house they are mindful that these gusting winds could carry embers elsewhere and cause even more destruction,” he said. “Firefighters are doing the best they can to keep fire from spreading. The home behind me is the only one in the untouched area. Homes are untouched and firefighters intend to keep it that way.” 

Santa Clarita resident Dave Chambers’ home may have been damaged by a water drop but it was saved from burning to the ground.

“It looks like they dropped water on the house and it probably blew the windows in because all of the damage is on the inside of the house. I’m not complaining. The house is saved,” he said. 

It's not just crews on the ground. They are also fighting the flames from the air. Some homes in Santa Clarita have been doused with a pink substance to keep the fire from spreading. 

Fire is also raging in Northern California's Sonoma County. The wildfire comes two years after a series of blazes devastated Santa Rosa and other wine country communities, leaving dozens dead and thousands of homes lost.