Oil-Soaked Kitten Rescued After Taking Shelter in Charred Truck During California Wildfires

Mama the kitten is currently recovering from her injuries in a hospital.

A kitten taking shelter underneath a truck as the California wildfires destroyed everything around her is now doing well, thanks to the kind rescue worker who saved her from the burnt-out truck.

Mama the cat was covered in diesel fuel and severe burns when she was discovered two weeks ago hiding inside the machinery of a charred truck in Paradise.

“I simply couldn’t fail her,” rescuer Shannon Jay of Sonoma told Caters News Agency. “As I cat lover, I can’t imagine what I’d do if my cats were stuck in the burn zone waiting for rescue, alone, frightened and injured.”

He explained that shortly after the wildfires died down, he ventured into the burn zone in hopes of rescuing pets that were left behind.

That’s when he heard the poor kitten meowing for help, and broke down in tears attempting to save her.

“The enormity of having possibly one chance to save her life was no small thing,” Jay said.

The kitten was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries immediately after rescue, and rescuers have successfully located her owners, who will be reunited with their pet after she is released from the hospital.

Jay, who vowed to spend the next year rescuing and aiding in Paradise’s restoration, said he has checked on Mama’s progress nearly every day since the rescue.

“[Mama] remains in the hospital and healing from severe burns to all four her paws, ears and other places,” he said. “There are hundreds of animals still missing, they are in need right this minute and I will not stop until it’s over.”