International Friendship Day: Adorable Stories of Best Buds

Check out these cute stories.

The International Day of Friendship is here!

The occasion, which became official in 2011, seeks to build bridges between communities

To mark the day, is celebrating friendship, from unlikely animal bonds to toddler best friends who both have Down syndrome.

Clara and Cutler, who are both 2 years old and have Down syndrome, have been friends since they were only a few months old and now do everything together. 

They don’t just play together — they also have joint occupational, physical and speech therapy sessions. The moms say Clara brings Cutler out of his shell.  And when they're together, it’s all smiles.

Another best friend duo helped deliver each other’s babies.

Both moms, Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter and Dr. Laquita Martinez, are obstetricians so it made sense that they’d take part in each other’s births.

"Knowing that you’re about to do surgery on your best friend is a little nerve-racking," Slaughter said. 

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