John Mark Karr, Found!

John Mark Karr finally surfaces, and INSIDE EDITION has the exclusive picture of the man no one, not even the authorities, has been able to find. The photo was taken just 12 days ago in Paris, at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

"I was absolutely sure that it was John Mark Karr. I had no doubt," Christina Nieves tells INSIDE EDITION.

Nieves and her husband Miguel were at the airport on the last day of their vacation, waiting for a flight to Chicago. Nieves was in the ladies room washing her hands.

"A lady came out and she was next to me washing her hands and I looked over at her and I had to take a second look because I knew it wasn't a lady," she says.

It turns out they were both on the same flight. At the gate, Nieves says she struck up a conversation and tells INSIDE EDITION Karr introduced himself to her as Alexis.

As INSIDE EDITION first reported, Karr has legally changed his name to Alexis Reich. Nieves says the individual's voice was definitely that of a man. And there were other clues that it was John Mark Karr she was speaking to. "Alexis" said she was a schoolteacher and loved Thailand. Karr once taught in Thailand, and he was apprehended there in 2006 after falsely claiming he killed JonBenét Ramsey.  

In the photo, his hair is coiffed and styled, and in a side-by-side comparison, there is no mistaking the physical resemblance between Alexis and Karr.

Nieves explains Karr was particular about his hair: "He had so much hairspray on it and he was just so worried, I think he thought it was just the greatest hairdo."

She also says "Alexis" told her she was headed to Atlanta, which is where Karr's family lives. After speaking to Nieves, INSIDE EDITION decided to check out the information. Sure enough, when we caught up with Karr's father, Wexford Karr, outside his home in Atlanta, he acknowledged that his son had recently shown up, looking for a place to stay.

"He's only been here with me now about less than a week," Wexford said.

"Is he a woman or a man?" INSIDE EDITION asked.

"He's a woman!" said Wexford.

According to his father, Karr stays on the second floor of the house but hardly ever goes out. He is being sought by police in Seattle and San Francisco after allegedly e-mailing death threats to a teenager, Samantha Spiegel. She claims that Karr tried to use her to recruit a cult of young JonBenét lookalikes called "The Immaculates," but no one has been able to find Karr.

"I started realizing this is somebody who is dangerous to young children. There was no doubt about it, this was him," Nieves says.