Invisasox Claims No-Slip Socks Can’t Be Pulled Off by a Truck. Inside Edition Put It to the Test.

A wacky commercial for Invisasox features a man being dragged along the pavement by only his socks to show how well they stay on.

Do these socks actually fit so well that they won’t slip off, even when being pulled by a pickup truck? That’s the claim the wacky commercial for Invisasox makes as a truck drags a man from only his socks along the pavement.

"Super comfy and they stay on no matter what you’re doing,” he says. A disclaimer flashes on screen: “Actually being pulled by his socks!”

They credit the material and the design, including a reinvited “gel heel grip,” with keeping the socks from sliding off.

But is it too good to be true? Inside Edition put the claims to the test at the parking lot of the Consumer Evaluation Center in Cranford, New Jersey. On hand to oversee the test were engineering professor Craig Arnold from Princeton University and stuntman Bob Cotter. We even had professional monster truck driver, Richard Blackburn, at the wheel. We set up everything as it appeared in the commercial, then it was go time.

As soon as the truck moved, the socks slipped right off Inside Edition reporter Steven Fabian’s feet. Just to make sure, he tried it three more times, and the results were the same. We even got creative and used a mechanics roller board to see if that would help—but no dice.

“We watched the commercial over and over and over again, and from what we saw we did it identical to the way they did it,” Cotter said.

“I think it failed because socks are not designed to pull people from the back of vehicles,” Arnold said. “When you think about it, you have to get your socks off at the end of the day.”

Invisasox did not respond to our request for comment.