Iowa Man Robs Bank Only of Its Hand Sanitizer: Cops

Woodbury County Sheriff's Office
Woodbury County Sheriff's Office

A man in Iowa decided to rob a bank, but only ended up leaving with hand sanitizer, police said. Mark Gray, 39, allegedly smashed the window of Sioux City Bank to get into the building but when he entered the lobby, all he nabbed was a bottle of hand sanitizer, authorities said.

Police said Gray’s plans didn’t stop there, though. He then went to a counseling center nearby and also broke their glass to get in the building., according to police. Police said he told them he was searching for money.

Gray then allegedly made a third stop at an Italian restaurant and broke in, but police caught him and placed him under arrest.

Gray allegedly told police he was looking for things of “value,” especially money.  He’s charged with three counts of third-degree burglary. He is due in court Aug. 14. 


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