Iowa Woman Finds Hidden Treasure of $25,000 After 51-Day Search in the Utah Wilderness

“I just woke up one day and was like ‘Wow it would be so cool to do a treasure hunt,’” David Cline tells Inside Edition.

An Iowa woman set out to find a $25,000 treasure that was hidden in the woods in Utah by two businessmen

Chelsea Gotta searched the Utah wilderness for 51 days for the buried treasure and was on the brink of giving up and began to drive home when she decided to give it one last try and turned her car around.

“I had a gut feeling, I just couldn’t go home empty-handed,” Gotta tells Inside Edition. 

Gotta was searching for the $25,000 hidden by two businessmen, John Maxim and David Cline.

“I just woke up one day and was like ‘Wow it would be so cool to do a treasure hunt,’” Cline tells Inside Edition.

The clues to the hidden chest were hidden within a poem that the pair had posted online. Some clues contained pop culture references such as the Twin Pines Mall from "Back to the Future," which led Gotta to the forest in search of pine trees.

“The amount of pine trees around here once I got up here, I was like this is impossible,” Gotta says. 

Another clue led Gotta to a hiking trail that was shaped like an upside-down church, which she then hiked until she found the buried treasure chest that contained $25,000.

Gotta shared a tearful video of her finally discovering the hidden treasure in the woods 51 days after she began looking, saying, “It’s right here, oh my God.”

Cline and Maxim congratulated Gotta on her find and says they hope people take away that “If you have faith in yourself, you can do anything,” Cline says.

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