Is That a Casket on the Side of a California Freeway? 'Yep, It's a Coffin,' Police Say

Freeway Coffin
Why was a coffin on the side of the road?San Luis Obispo Police Department

The casket was lying on the side of Highway 101 in central California, police said.

Authorities in central California recently received numerous 911 calls from worried drivers. On the side of Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo was a very strange sight.

The calls prompted police and the California Highway Patrol to take to social media.

"Yep, it's a coffin. Yep, it was on Santa Rosa near Walnut yesterday and yep, it's never been occupied," the San Luis Obispo Police Department posted on its Facebook page.

"Never a dull day. Especially when you receive multiple 911 calls of a casket on the shoulder of the freeway," posted the state Highway Patrol. "Yes, that's a casket!! Never know what the day has in store. We have to admit our Officer was a little nervous to make sure it was empty. And YES it was empty."

So why was there an empty casket on a busy freeway?

Apparently, the coffin was found abandoned outside a building and a member of the area's transient population decided to push it to a swap meet to sell it, authorities said.

She was taking a break when law enforcement officers found the coffin on the side of the road, police said.

The casket ended up being pushed through town to its destination. There was no official word on whether someone bought the gently used resting place.

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