Is There a Safe Way to Attend a Protest During a Pandemic?

Wearing masks is even more critical in spaces where social distancing is more difficult.

It's a dilemma being faced by many Americans — how do you make your voice heard in the age of COVID-19? There is a big concern among health officials that the recent protests against police violence could prompt a spike in the number of cases in several weeks.

Social distancing becomes difficult in tightly packed crowds, but there are other things you can do to reduce your risk and still show up to protest injustice.

Jack Caravanos is a public health expert at New York University. He said make sure to protect your respiratory tract. "The key is of course to keep your mask on," Caranavos said. 

Other things you can do at protests are using noisemakers, drums and signs instead of yelling, which could spread virus-carrying droplets. You should also wear eye protection and carry hand sanitizer.