Is This 107-Year-Old Man the Oldest Driver in America?

Joe Newman recently renewed his driver's license, which is set to expire in 2022.

A 107-year-old man may be the country's oldest person behind the wheel, and he has something to say to the naysayers: "Of course I'm a good driver." 

Joe Newman of Sarasota, Florida, currently drives a bright red convertible and has been cruising the streets for 90 years. Nowadays, he mostly goes for a spin while running errands in the neighborhood and likes to go on joy rides with 99-year-old fiancee Anita. 

Anita agrees that Joe is a good driver, but she told Inside Edition she still has some reservations.

"I close my eyes, most of the time," she says in the video above.

Newman said he always follows the rules of the road, paying strict attention to road signs and remembering to signal. He also pumps his own gas and checks the car's oil. He recently renewed his driver's license, which is set to expire in 2022.

As for his secret to living so long?

"Simply keep breathing."