Israeli Lacrosse Team Gifts Opponents With New Cleats

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When any type of sporting event is over, it usually doesn’t end with hugging and gifts. 

However, two women's lacrosse teams representing Israel and Kenya changed that. The Israeli team gifted the Kenyan team with new cleats for every member. It was a pleasant surprise after a difficult loss on soaking wet turf in Canada.

“It was a very rainy day. It wasn’t raining during our game, but the turf was pretty much soaked. Pretty much as we were playing, even us with our cleats, we were slipping,” Amit Burstein, who plays for Israel, told

“But [the Kenyan team members] were falling and losing possession of the ball. Seeing as we really liked them, we felt sad seeing them not playing at their 100% because of the rain. Because of something they couldn't control.” 

Burstein said the father of one of her teammates came up with the idea to give the Kenyan team new shoes after the match.

“He was immediately trying to solve the situation. So by the next day, he already bought them the cleats," she said.

Burstein added that some of the other parents also chipped in.

"It was amazing," she said of the moment they surprised the Kenyan team. "They were so happy. ... It was so fun."

Burstein said the lesson here is making sure everyone starts on an even playing field.

"Just everywhere, it's so important to let everyone have the same chances. Let everyone have, I guess, the same ground as you," she said.


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