U.S. Women's Team Make Triumphant Return Home

The ladies are resting now and gearing up for their ticker tape parade in New York City Wednesday.

Team USA touched down in New York City Monday evening and has been celebrating nonstop since their historic World Cup victory Sunday in France. 

Alex Morgan took to Instagram Stories Monday night to show the team having dinner at Nobu. 

The squad was up early Tuesday and boarded a bus to "Good Morning America"'s studios in Times Square, where enthusiastic crowds greeted them.

Fans have been gathering outside their Manhattan hotel to show their love and respect for the team after winning their fourth World Cup trophy and becoming the first women’s team to do so in back-to-back tournaments. 

The team will also grace the cover of the upcoming Sports Illustrated, which Megan Rapinoe announced on Instagram Tuesday afternoon. 

The ladies are reportedly in a state of exhaustion and are expected to rest up in the hotel until Wednesday morning for the big ticker tape parade down the "Canyon of Heroes," as it is known. 

The last time New York City hosted a ticker tape parade for a championship team was four years ago when the women’s team won the World Cup against China.