It Is So Cold in Florida That Iguanas Are Falling From Trees

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It is raining iguanas in Florida because the cold puts the reptiles in a coma.

The weather in Florida has been so unseasonably cold that iguanas are falling from the trees, the BBC reported.

On Sunday, South Florida was 25 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, making it the coldest temperatures in the area for over a decade.

Once temperatures drop below 50 degrees, iguanas can begin to become sluggish, CBS News reported.

Iguanas are cold-blooded and need the sun as well as natural heat from their surroundings to keep warm. If they get too cold, which happened over the weekend, they can freeze and fall into a coma.

If they are resting in trees when this happens, they will lose their grip, causing them to fall.  

While the phenomena can seem frightening, many iguanas will not die in these instances. Many will remain alive and later thaw when the temperatures rise again.

The National Weather Service reassured residents that this is normal for the species.

Zoo Miami Communications Director Ron Magill told CBS News that the survival rate depends on the size of the iguana. He says the larger the iguana, the longer they can tolerate the cold.

If the iguanas are in the cold for longer than eight hours it can result in death, especially for younger reptiles, CBS News reported.  

Though seeing iguanas in such a state may evoke sympathy, experts caution against bringing the reptiles into one's home.

"Never take cold-stunned iguanas into your home!" the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said. "These are wild animals and may act defensively once they warm up and recover."

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