Italian Firefighters Spend 5 Hours Freeing Dog After It Falls Inside a Rock

This rescue was no easy feat, but the dog eventually got out safely.

Cries for help were all that could be heard after a dog fell into a hole in a rock and got stuck. Firefighters in Italy were tasked with getting the pup out, but this was no easy feat. 

First, one of them tried to go into the hole to pull him out. But the poor dog was covered in debris.

That’s when they brought out the heavy equipment. The search and rescue crew used a pneumatic hammer to make a larger hole in the rock in hopes of being able to get to the dog that way.

And the whole time, the animal was terrified and whimpering.

The plan eventually worked, and after five long scary hours, the dog was finally free. It was taken to a veterinarian and is said to be doing well.

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