Rescue Dog Who Lost Her Own Pups Becomes Mom to a Litter of Orphaned Newborns Thanks to Rescue Group

Pepper surrounded by her new adopted litter of newborn puppies.

The puppies will be available for adoption later this month. Those interested are encouraged to visit the Ruff Start Rescue website around Aug. 25.

A Minnesota rescue group created the perfect union when they paired up one grieving rescue dog that lost all her babies unexpectedly with a litter of newborn orphans who needed a mother after the one they had died suddenly, according to a published reported. 

On July 8, when Poppy passed away after giving birth to 10 puppies, volunteers at the Ruff Start Rescue in Princeton, Minnesota, panicked. All the volunteers took turns caring for the newborns round-the-clock, NBC affiliate KARE 11

Lexi Johnson, a foster parent and volunteer with Ruff Start Rescue who had the litter of orphans in her home, told that the news outlet that after the unexpected tragedy, they “frantically started figuring out our next move with the babies.”

Around the same time, Pepper, another rescue dog had just lost her entire littler of newborn puppies, and she was devastated and became very depressed, FOX 9 News reported.

Johnson, along with Ruff Start Rescue had the idea to pair up the orphans with the grieving mama dog. Once the introductions were made, it didn’t take very long for the babies and their “new” mom to become an instant family.

"When she got to our house, we brought her in the puppy room, and she immediately sat next to the litter," Johnson said, People reported. ”I started placing puppies around her, and she laid down, and the puppies instinctively hobbled towards her and started nursing.”

Johnson, who was caring for all the pups in her home said all the babies are thriving and Pepper couldn’t be happier, calling it “nothing short of a miracle.” Fox 9 reported.

“The babies were all thriving with their humans, but the best place for them is with a mama who can not only give them some good milk, but teach them dog things, behaviors we as humans can’t,” Johnson wrote on her Facebook. “I cried again last night but these tears were happy tears. Tears knowing that mama Poppy would be so appreciative of Pepper taking over the mama role.”

Currently, the babies are still be nursed and cared for by their new mother and will be ready for adoption later this month, People reported. 

Those interested are encouraged to visit the Ruff Start Rescue website around Aug. 25 to find out which puppies will be available for adoption.

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