Italian Stuntman Dario Costa Becomes the 1st Person to Fly a Plane Inside a Tunnel

The entire stunt took place in Istanbul, and took Dario Costa about 43 seconds to complete.

Italian stuntman Dario Costa recently pulled off an incredible feat: He’s the first person to officially fly an airplane inside a tunnel.

Gliding through two tunnels on the northern Marmara Motorway in Istanbul, Turkey, Dario pulled off the stunt while flying a specially modified Zivko Edge 540 racing aircraft.

In the first tunnel, Dario had to maintain an altitude of less than one meter, or three feet, with solid concrete on all sides.

He then flew out of the 360-meter tunnel and into a second one 360 meters away.

And he slid in perfectly, despite a crosswind.

The whole stunt took Costa about 43 seconds to complete.

And at the end, to celebrate, he did a 360 loop.

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