It's a Girl! Florida Deputy Helps Deliver Baby During Traffic Stop

Collier County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Pounds knew there was no time to lose when he pulled over a speeding car at 4:30 a.m. on Oct. 1.

Oh, baby! Collier County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Pounds knew he was in for more than a routine traffic stop when he pulled over a speeding car at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. 

The car was going almost 20 miles per hour over the speed limit on Airport-Pulling Road in Collier County, Florida, according to the sheriff's department. As Pounds approached the driver side of the car, it was clear why. 

"You have the right to stop me, I'm not going to even lie," the driver tells Pounds in dashcam footage while a woman screams in the background. "She's pregnant, officer, we've got the baby coming out. That's the reason why I'm speeding, officer." 

The deputy calmly calls for an ambulance but knows there's no time to waste. 

"I looked inside the car and could see the crowning of the baby," Pounds said during a press conference covered by CBS affiliate WINK-TV. "I returned to my patrol car, grabbed some latex gloves and a fresh blanket and ran back up to the passenger side of the stopped vehicle and started assisting mom with the delivery of the baby. And it happened very quickly." 

The baby's father barely has time to jump out and run around the car before the newborn begins to cry. Pounds got to give him the happy news. 

"Congratulations, you got a little girl," he told the baby's father. 

The ambulance then arrived and both mom and baby were safely transported to the hospital. Dad even had the chance to snap a photo with Pounds as a memory of the incredible birth story. And it was a night the deputy won't soon forget, either. 

"I have been in the delivery room, however, I was not on the receiving end, I've always been on the watching end," Pounds said. "This was a little nerve-wracking just because of a newborn infant, I wanted to be sure everything was all right and luckily, everything came out great."