Mom Gives Birth to Baby Boy With Help of Her Other Kids on Side of Icy Wisconsin Road

They didn't make it to the hospital.

When it came to their younger brother, these three Wisconsin young siblings had no problem helping out – even as their mom started crowning on the way to the hospital.

Baby Mayan was born on the ice-covered road between their home in Shawano County and the nearest hospital, all thanks to his helpful older siblings.

“I told him, ‘You need to help me get my boots off because he is coming,” said mom Pilar Gauthier, according to WSAW.

All five of them, including their dad Matt Grall in the driver's seat, were on their way to the hospital when Gauthier’s contractions began and it became obvious they wouldn’t make it.

Grall had called 911 as they got in the car, but had to pull over when Gauthier’s contractions began. She eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the side of the road.

One of the kids even used a shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord.

"From the time we got pulled over to the time until the time the baby was born, I bet you it was five minutes,” Grall said.

Deputy Sandra Finger of the Shawno County Sheriff’s Office met them on the road minutes later, but baby Mayan had already been born successfully by the time she arrived.

"When I got there all I did was provide a blanket and keep mom and baby warm as dad was able to continue what he was doing help mom as we waited for the ambulance,” Finger told WSAW.

Their next challenge was actually getting them to the hospital. Finger said the roads were covered in ice, and they eventually had to get a plow truck to do some expert maneuvering to get them safely down the dangerous streets.

"They all did so well, the father was calm, the mother calmed down like right after the baby was born,” said 911 dispatcher Mary Beck, who answered the call. “Everybody was perfect. Couldn't have been a better outcome."