Baby Survives After Car Seat Falls Out of Moving Car

Video captured by a truck driver shows the moment a baby falls out of her mother's moving car on a Minnesota road.

A toddler strapped in a car seat fell out of a moving car in Minnesota after the vehicle’s rear door somehow opened up. 

Video of the incident in Mankato was shot by truck driver Chad Mock and posted on Facebook. He was driving right behind the vehicle. Mock stopped his truck, ran out of his cab and tried to flag down the grey car before it disappeared into the distance.

He then got down to check if the child was OK.

As concerned drivers also came to help, Mock picked the child up and told the others what just happened.

“It was just unbelievable,” Mock told Inside Edition

He said the toddler was “very calm” and “wasn’t screaming. She didn't appear hurt. She wasn't bruised or bloodied or anything.”

Cops said the child's seat was not fastened to the vehicle.

Karen Blackburn, a certified car seat technician with AAA, showed Inside Edition the correct way to fasten a car seat. She said every car seat comes with anchor straps that can be connected to the vehicle seat. A forward facing car seat, Blackburn added, has a tether at the top that goes under the vehicle's head restraint and connects in the back. 

Mock said the toddler’s mother showed up at the scene on foot 15 minutes after the car seat fell out.

He said the mother was “hysterical” when she arrived.