Parents Were 'Basically Speechless' When Obama Held and Kissed Their Baby

"He asked us how old Paisleigh was and our mind went blank. We forgot how old she was!" dad Joseph said.

When former President Barack Obama asks for your child, you hand 'em over.

"He said, 'Gimme that baby!'" father Joseph Edwards told

Joseph's response? "'Aye, that's Obama here you go!' We'll trust him with our bundle of joy."

The couple, who met the president on New Year's Eve near their home in Kaneohe, Hawaii, even let him kiss 7-week-old Paisleigh on the head. Mom Chelcie Edwards joked, “You know, black people, we don't let people kiss our babies."

It was a moment the new parents will never forget. But it left them tongue-tied.

"We were basically speechless almost. I think he asked us how old Paisleigh was and our mind went blank. We forgot how old she was! We were both like, this is beyond me," Joseph said.

President Obama was visiting his native Hawaii for an Obama Foundation event. Word got around that he was hitting the greens at the Marine Corps base right outside the family's window.

"It’s not a resort, it's where we live. He just happened to be on that particular golf course," Chelcie said.

Going out to see him meant a lot to the family.

"He was the first president we were eligible to vote for. Back in 2008 when we were 18 years old. First time," she said.

Tiny Paisleigh helped make the meeting happen, and for that, they call her their good luck charm.

"He said that she was beautiful," Chelcie said. The president also had words of admiration for Joseph. "He just said, 'He's a great father I can tell, he's a great father,'" she said.

They plan on telling Paisleigh the tale when she is old enough.

"We're gonna bust open the history books and let her see the history behind this great guy. From there, she should be able to see the magnitude for herself," Joseph said.

Paisleigh was born on Veteran's Day. Joseph works as a Submariner in the U.S. Navy. They think meeting the president at such a young age could be a sign of what's in store for the baby.

For now, the family is just thankful for the experience.

"If we could send a thank you card to President Obama, we would. He doesn't know how much he touched our lives," Chelcie said.