Jessica Chastain 'Survived' a Horse Bite Right in the Chest

Jessica Chastain
Getty Images

Jessica Chastain is thankful to be alive after a close encounter with a horse.

The actress shared a light-hearted video on Instagram Sunday, showing her at a horse-drawn carriage. She asks someone off camera if she can pet the horse — but the animal had other intentions.

As the horse leans in for what seems like a sniff, it opens up for a quick chomp on Chastain's powder blue jacket.

"Oh! That horse just bit my boob," she says.

Chastain eventually walks away from the frisky horse, saying, "Alright, I'm not petting you."

After the near-death experience, Chastain captioned her video, "I can't believe that I survived."


I can’t believe that I survived.

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