John Travolta Says Dancing With Princess Diana Was a Life Highlight: 'I'm So Honored'

 Princess Diana dances with John Travolta during President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, at the White House on November 9, 1985.
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John Travolta said that the experience felt like a “fairytale,” that he would continue to remember for decades to come, People reported. 

Fans of John Travolta may never forget his memorable dance moves from "Saturday Night Fever," but for Travolta himself, the one dance that he’ll never forget was one he had with Princess Diana.

"Yes, I danced with Princess Diana in 1986, I believe," Travolta, 67, said during a recent interview with Esquire Mexico, People reported. "That was one of the highlights of my life, so that's probably the best moment of the ‘80s."

The actor and the Princess had both been at the same 1985 White House state dinner, hosted by then-President Ronald Regan and First Lady Nancy Regan. He admitted that he hadn’t prepared to dance with the Princess of Wales and when asked, he revealed, “I better give it my all.” 

However, it wasn’t Travolta who made took the initiative; it was actually the Princess. Travolta shared during an interview with Dutch television station Één that Nancy Reagan told him that Princess Diana wished to dance with him, People reported.

“It is her wish,” Travolta recalled. "At midnight, I had to tap her on her shoulder, and I had to say, 'Would you care to dance?' She turned around and dipped her head in that Lady Diana way, and we were off for 15 minutes dancing.”

Travolta said that the experience felt like a “fairytale,” that he would continue to remember it for decades to come, People reported. 

"I'll never forget it," he continued. "I'm so honored that I was able to experience this, and I know for a fact that it was her highlight of being in the United States; it was her favorite moment. So I feel I made her life better, she made my life better, and I'm very sorry that she's not here."

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