Jokester Dressed in Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume Gets COVID-19 Vaccine

Rather than wearing a face masks or face shield, Kenny Sia wore the dinosaur suit as a PPE.

A massive and terrifying beast was spotted stomping its way through — a COVID-19 vaccination site. The not-exactly-Jurassic Park-level scene happened at a facility in Malaysia.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex suit was the bright idea of 39-year-old fitness instructor Kenny Sia. He decided to wear the prehistoric get-up when he got his jab as a form of protection.

“Rather than wearing just like only face masks or face shields only, I decided to go the whole way,” Kenny Sia explained. “The whole suit is effectively a PPE - it's one of those overall suits.”

Kenny adds that he also wore the get-up to bring some levity to a heavy situation.

“I just wanted to make people laugh, I guess,” he said. “I know the front-liners there are working day and night, vaccinating 5,000 to 6,000 people a day, so they probably are very tired. And anything that can lift up their mood, I'll be happy to do it. So that was the main reason behind it, essentially.”

About 10% of Malaysia’s population has been vaccinated, and the southeast Asian nation has over 800,000 total infections. 

And now there may be one less potential infection because of a guy in a T-Rex suit. 

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