New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Queensland Is Largest Ever Found in Australia

Two sauropods in a Dinosaur parkTwo sauropods in a Dinosaur park
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A new species of sauropod has an estimated height of 21 feet and length of 98 feet.

A new dinosaur species, named Australotitan cooperensis, was recently found in Australia. 

The specimen, nicknamed "the southern titan," is estimated to have been between 16 - 21 feet tall and 98 feet long, making it the largest dinosaur ever found in Australia and is among the 15 largest dinosaur specimens worldwide.

The titan species is a type of giant sauropod — a plant-eating subgroup with long necks, long tails, and four trunk-like legs — is thought to have lived during the Cretaceous Period, which is around 92 - 96 million years ago.

The scientists share in their study that the Australotitan is closely related to 3 other sauropods found in the area. 

According to a press release, this is one of many uniquely Australian species that have been found during the researchers 20 year study.

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