Jordan Man Completes Eco-Friendly House Built by Hand 13 Years After Purchasing Property

Hamad Youssef Nazzal initially bought the 8,000-square-foot space for his home in 2009.

Bit by bit, Hamad Youssef Nazzal built an environmentally friendly home with traditional architecture using his own hands.

Originally from Jordan, the 52-year-old academic chose to return to his hometown of Mafraq after taking several career turns, including working as a teacher in the United States. 

It took Hamad two years to finish up the structure's skeleton on the 8,000-plus square-foot plot of land he bought for about $50,000 in 2009.

It would be another three years before Hamad would finish up his dome-shaped house, bringing his colorful dream to life using mud, barley straw, ash, and goat hair, instead of concrete materials.

Now it's finally complete.

The space has five rooms, each with a dome on top, making for a modern twist on a traditional design.

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