Seattle Man Rescued After His Home Slides Off Its Foundation Following Heavy Rain

Seattle Firefighters
Fireline - Seattle

The male homeowner was trapped inside at the time of the incident, along with an adult female and two dogs.

Seattle firefighters shared that they recently had to save a man after heavy rainfall led to his home sliding 15-20 feet off its foundation.

“The steep slope area behind the house had slid likely as a result of high levels of precipitation which resulted in the top floor of the structure partially collapsing on top of the daylight basement,” they wrote about the property in the Magnolia neighborhood.

The male homeowner was trapped inside at the time of the incident, and an adult female was also inside but could escape.

In addition, there was a fire happening simultaneously involving propane tanks behind the house.

Engine 41 from Fire Station 41, as well as additional fire units, went to work and were able to use hydraulic struts to stabilize the home and rescue the man.

Sadly, also inside were two dogs: one was found deceased, and the other had not been located.

Seattle Police evacuated neighboring homes during the ordeal and blocked roads near the slide area. Water and electricity were also shut off for safety.

After an investigation by Seattle’s Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI), the partially collapsed home was “red-tagged,”  meaning no one could enter due to structural instability.

“During the wet season – with snow melt and sustained rain, it’s important for homeowners in areas on or near steep slopes to periodically evaluate the state of the hillside for signs of soil movement,” Seattle firefighters added in the statement. “This can include leaning trees or cracks in the soil."

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