Seattle Mom Says She Was Threatened With No-Fly List After Throwing Away Daughter’s Diaper in Plane Bathroom

Dr. Farah Naz Khan says a flight attendant asked her to dig the diaper out of the lavatory trash, saying it was a "biohazard." And when Khan formally complained, she says that same flight attendant called her up and said she was on the no-fly list.

A Seattle mom says she was threatened with the no-fly list, because she threw away her daughter's diaper in the airplane bathroom. 

“The whole situation is humiliating, degrading, discriminatory,” Dr. Farah Naz Khan told Inside Edition.

Khan was flying from Montana to Houston when she needed to change her 23-month-old daughter's diaper.

The mom says after she changed her daughter's diaper, she placed the dirty one into a scented diaper disposal bag and then threw it away in the lavatory trash can. That's when she says a flight attendant started yelling, calling it a biohazard and asked her to dig it out of the trash.

Khan says after she filed a customer service complaint with the airline, she got a vile phone call.

“When I picked up, it was the same flight attendant telling me I had been placed on the no-fly list due to a biohazard incident. He said, 'You people bring your children everywhere. You people should just drive everywhere,’” Khan said.

The physician has received hundreds of supportive messages on social media. Travel expert and mom Laura Begley Bloom says Khan “did all the right things.”

“She used a scented bag to put her diaper in, so she even took it to the next level and made sure that it wasn’t going to smell for any other passengers. She disposed of it in the trash, which she is completely within her right to do,” Bloom said.

Mesa Airlines told Inside Edition that what Khan described does not meet the high standards they set for their flight attendants, adding she is not on their no-fly list.

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