Judge Forced to Resign After Chasing Down Woman Who Disrupted His Courtroom

The judge, Michael Bachman, was seen taking off after the woman during the incident.

An Ohio magistrate stormed out of his Cincinnati courtroom in full judicial robe and chased down a woman in an act that wound up costing him his job.

Judge Michael Bachman was presiding over a trial on Sept. 4 when he heard a commotion in the hallway. A woman was allegedly screaming at the top of her lungs because she was told she was 30 minutes late to file court papers.

Bachman walked out of his courtroom to check out what was going on, and darted after the woman, running through hallways. When he caught up with her, he ordered her back into the courtroom.

Inside, the magistrate sat the woman down in the jury box and proceeded to sentence her to three days in jail for "disrespectful and disruptive behavior."

The woman was not having it and tried to escape. That's when deputies had to come in and haul her off to jail.

After the story surfaced, the judge was forced to resign for being out of order in his own courtroom.

The woman was let out of jail after two days on the orders of another judge.