Kamiyah Mobley Case: Woman Who Kidnapped Baby From Hospital 20 Years Ago Apologizes in Court

Shanara Mobley told a Florida court she wants the maximum penalty for the kidnapper.

The mother of a woman who was stolen from a hospital as a newborn broke down in tears as she testified in court this week.

"I am your mother!" Shanara Mobley shouted to her biological daughter in a Florida courtroom as Gloria Williams was preparing to be sentenced, 20 years after kidnapping Mobley's newborn baby.

The outburst came as, in an odd twist, Shanara's long lost daughter, who's taken the name Kamiyah Mobley, asked the court for leniency against Williams. Shanara Mobley, meanwhile, has asked for the maximum sentence, WJAX reports.

Kamiyah, now 19, was taken from a Jacksonville hospital on July 10, 1998. She was then raised by Williams in South Carolina. 

"It doesn't heal. I'm still hurting. I am your mother, Kamiyah. I am your mother!" Shanara Mobley said as she gestured to her daughter, with whom she was reunited in January 2017.

On Friday, Gloria Williams wept on the stand.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "As for Kamiyah, I never meant to hurt you."

Shanara Mobley, and Kamiyah's biological father, Craig Aiken, say they were shaken by their daughter's kidnapping.

"That day she took Kamiyah, she destroyed me and Shanara," Aiken told the court.

Williams was arrested last year after the teenager tried to apply for a driver's license and her real identity came to light. Williams pleaded guilty to kidnapping and interference with custody in February.

If she gets the maximum sentence, she could serve up to 22 years in prison.