Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor Michelle Knight Reveals She's Married

The 36-year-old actually married her husband more than two years ago.

Michelle Knight, who was held captive in a home in Cleveland for more than a decade, has revealed she is married.

The 36-year-old shared her happy news with Dr. Phil McGraw in an interview that will air in full later this month.

"I have really good news for you," she said. "Dr. Phil, I am married!"

Knight revealed she actually married her husband, Miguel, in May 2016.

In photos from her big day, she is seen wearing a strapless gown with a long train and a purple flower in her hair. Her groom wore a matching boutonniere pinned to his white suit.

Knight was kidnapped by Ariel Castro in 2002 and held captive in his Cleveland home for more than 10 years. Along with fellow survivors Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, Knight escaped in May 2013. Castro killed himself in prison later that year.

Knight, who still lives in Cleveland, went on to write a New York Times bestseller, "Finding Me." Her second book, "Life After Darkness," comes out May 1.

Her full interview with Dr. Phil will air April 24.